03 July 2011


today I am  n i n e t e e n  years old

& due to the fact that Steven is working the entire weekend, we have been celebrating all week. 

(the shirt I am wearing is from my dear friend, Mary Claire. I adore her.)

Since last Sunday, we have ventured to the lake for a swim, hiked the local rolling hills, had many a s'mores & jamba juice dates, along with dinner dates & lunch dates- one fabulous dinner being at my parents house, which was very much needed family time.

Brunch often included honey greek yogurt, almond granola, and fresh berries.

I was spoiled rotten with gifts from Steven & our families & friends as well. Summer clothes/accessories, cook books, gift cards, and even a song written for me by my big brother :,)

Not to mention, hundreds of beautiful souls offering me sweet wishes via the internet.

Steven bought me a new lens as well a few weeks ago & then surprised me with  t h i s  beauty this weekend.

 I didn't hesitate putting it to use.

He also caged the birds away from my poor tomato plants, which have had far too many casualties thus far.
What a man.

Some days ( a lot of the time ), I feel as if hitting the age of 19 is just a bigger number to show how incredibly far behind in life I am. I worry that I'll never get my first real (paid) job, and that I'll never get over my fear of driving. It often weighs heavy on my shoulders, and the anxiety takes a great toll sometimes.

We went on a picnic lunch today at one of our favorite spots.

 I sat across from this sweet man, in the 100 degree heat, while we ate our sandwiches, and entirely evaluated my eighteenth year of life.

And I realized how very wrong I was.

in the past 365 days I have felt more deeply than I ever allowed my heart to feel.
I exercised the greatest form of love, forgiveness, with the utmost sincerity. Even though I had to ache for months and months to do so.

I was engaged to the sweetest soul, and was bound to him in marriage just 9 months later.
I began an educational journey & graduated with a 4.0 with my degree in something I'd never imagine myself doing (and loving with the purest passion).
I grew in faith as I ventured away from the home I'd known for my entire existence, and created my own home.

All in one short year.

So here's to a new year, and a new chance to embrace the blessings in life I do have the opportunity to accomplish- instead of dwelling on the opportunities that have not yet made their way to me.

love the nineteen year old, me


  1. Lady, if I could have half the knowledge under my belt that you continually show I'd be thrilled and though I hate to admit this - I'm nearly a decade older... So what if you haven't checked everything off, your soul touches so many lives that its amazing and you are still so young...Enjoy 19 and the many to follow!

  2. Happy belated birthday sweet girl!

  3. Happy belated 19th birthday.
    Got goosebumps again because I love to read your texts <3

  4. @emma- @emily - @ sueno, thank you sweet ladies!!

    @kirsten, you are a phenomenal woman, and you inspire me on a daily basis. I showed Steven your comment, and he replied "I love how 'real' she is"- and I couldn't agree more. You are so genuine! Keep on keeping on, mama.

  5. Happy belated birthday :) I admire the sweetness that is always portrayed in your photos. I started nineteen wondering if I'd ever have a real paying job too, haha.