31 May 2011

a weekend for celebrating

This Saturday- I threw a barbeque for Steven's birthday that was earlier this week.

When I was 15, Steven threw me a surprise party for my 16th birthday, two months before July. He knew I'd be alone in California on my real birthday, so he got all my friends together- had a cake made, and decorated his house for me. He bought me the perfume I wore on our wedding day, and wrote me the sweetest letter I had ever received. 

I've never been able to make it up to him.
Until now.
I wanted it to be special. I never have had the opportunity to plan a celebration, and so I started planning weeks ahead.

I knew I wanted a plethora of giant red round balloons, so I ordered 10, and love what it added to our house.
I also made a "Happy Birthday" bunting out of burlap & black paint- which was incredibly cheaper than they are sold for on Etsy.

Juicy watermelon was on the menu, but me, and one other guest were the only ones interested. 
(More for me!)

We also had homemade lemonade.
2 cups fresh squeezed lemon juice + 13 cups water + 3 cups sugar = one heavenly beverage.
For the main dishes I grilled beef tri- tip & baked teriyaki chicken.
There was also baked potatoes, grilled corn, and chips and salsa.

The cake was a three layered yellow cake recipe from Bakerella
 (two homemade layers with one boxed layer- I ran out of ingredients)

This wasn't the best part though.
Steven's brother and sister-in-law agreed to drive all through the night from Utah, just to celebrate with us!
They even brought their gorgeous dog Kika, whom Chance loved to pieces, but she was more interested in Mae

 The next day was a day full of adventures and our shutter buttons. We went to some grassy hills to take some pictures of us (that were similar to this photoshoot on Steven's birthday last year). 

Later, I photographed a cute kid for his baptism and my brother for his band. It was a long Memorial day capturing so many smiles in front of my lens.

I hope your weekend was full of those you love and plenty of smiles.



  1. such a beautiful post, loving those recent pictures of you two!

  2. I don't know if you ever have any interest in ever being a photographer professionally, but speaking as a professional photographer (for many years now, published on the covers of magazines and everything) I can tell you, you have a wonderful, natural eye and your work is wonderful. Your work heads in the direction of Elizabeth Messina and Jose Villa. Not yet, but someday. It's lovely. I love to look at it.

  3. Even I don't see the world the way you do N'tima and I wish I did!

  4. if and when I get married, I would pay mega bucks to have you take my wedding engagements and bridals. LOVE your blog