14 February 2011

welcome home (part 1)

hello again !
I wanted so badly to share our new home with you, and its progress so far. our main interior focus was (clearly) the living room & although we are not finished, we are so excited about it.
we were blessed with stunning furniture. I am seriously swooning over it. this picture is pre- hanging of the tv and pictures and putting up shelves and whatnot.
I am almost positive that this is steven's absolute favorite piece of our new place.
we hung handmade paper lanterns from IKEA-  and I adore them.

this would be our bed(room) thus far, we have so many plans for it, and we're currently waiting on a gorgeous quilt that my grandmother is hand sewing for us. -that bed is to die for by the way.-
all in all, this place is home...
and this place is ours.

~love, n


  1. Incredible. I'm beyond happy for you two!
    Also, my Steven does this exact pose while playing xbox all the time- http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-hr0xcw8hLcw/TVoBRy4gNdI/AAAAAAAAAJU/s_nWAgTdJRk/s640/19.jpg

  2. Haha the picture of Steven playing xbox! Men are pretty much all the same in that respect.

    Your home looks lovely! :)

  3. I am so happy for you too. Your home looks absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait for you two to get married :)